Hej Magnus!

Yeah, your fault, with your lovely neat cabinet, no potting material all over the place, all in perfect order and harmony. And did I mention the lack of mess? And it seems perfect for miniatures...did you get the moss mix as well or you go with just some good ol' sphag in the beginning?

I got some of both yesterday, will start testing tomorrow when I'm free. Because it looks sooooooooooo neat! I don't think I'll ever get root rot ever again considering how it looks.

Jag har fastnat i orkidefebern, jag tror att jag har just lyckats passera 9000 kr gränsen på 6 veckor! De var tänkta för sparande
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Hej Laura

The one on the picture is on Epiweb But I have one piece on Hygrolon to and I think it like it better under my condition. My fealing is that it like a more even moist material during growth. Though I have had 4 more flowers on this plant since these pictures was taken...


PS My fault?? Tror någon fastnat i orkidefebern ;-)