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I'm not sure I would be confident labeling it as L. anceps, but certainly an anceps hybrid at least. How tall is the spike?
PMM, I have just been out and measured the spike and it's 68cm (which translates to approx. 2 ft 4" or thereabouts)

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cakedaddy, I have been poking through all sorts of places and found that there is a Cattleya intermedia.

I'm wondering whether my plant is a hybrid between a Laelia and the C. intermedia, and the "Melba" reference is yet another Lc hybrid crossed in.

It's a puzzlement for sure, and will teach me to be more careful about plant tags in future.

I think I'm going to have to label it as a Laelia hybrid, and maybe add the joke label "Noidea inderterminata var dubii"