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No. It is in Malaysia.
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Thanks for your detailed explanation. Arne will probably chip in with more detail. At the time I took the photo, it was not flowering. The photo with the flowers was sent to us at another time when we were already home in Baltimore. My relative did say it was about 2 inches or so. I can tell you this, Arne is very envious of the Malaysian climate and the ability to have orchids simply growing wild outside! I do miss home sometimes.
This became a nice thread. Finally after too many years Karole and I finally went to her home in Malaysia, a country welcoming you with wildlife and extremely good food. Until this year, I haven't been good at Vandaceous orchids but Yew-Sung (catttan) is right, this must be some kind of Arachnis. For the first time I'm now culturing an Aerides here in Baltimore and so far I have been lucky. That means that I culture it inside during winter, under controlled conditions during spring and fall, and outside during summer. You will never find it growing outside in Maryland.