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Thanks for the info and the comparison between the leaves of the Burmese, Thai and our local varieties. There used to be quite a lot of Rhy retusa in the Jitra area especially Perik, which is between Bukit Wang and Kuala Nerang. The leaves are very narrow and about 1 foot long. They are often found on the 'Bongor' (Lagerstroemia floribunda ) trees growing beside rivers and streams. The whole of the Perik area has now been turned into orchards and vegetable farms. I have not visited the area for some time and hope that the Bongor trees beside the rivers and streams have not been cut down. That would be a great pity. I have seen the disappearance of Phal cornu cervi from Padang Besar(habitat turned into sugar cane plantations; Aerides odorata from the Gunung Jerai area (habitat turned into housing areas); Paph niveum from the limestone hills of Kodoang and Langkawi Islands (over collecting); Ascocentrum miniatum and Habenaria carnea from Kaki Bukit ( over collectong) and Pectelis sussanae from Nami (development and farms).
From my experience I saw a lots in Kelantan when I was student there, 2 years ago when I went there not that many as the original plants were chopped off, I felt so sad but when I was peeping and looking at the Rain trees I can smile still can see a lots of matured plants already established at the tree branches. I never seen any plants in Selangor, Pahang Johor even in Melaka. But Aeredis odorta still I can spotted them even in Melaka. Thanks cattan for the latest info.