What do you use to fertelize Tikva? I have mine planted in seedling size bark pieces. I'm not really all to sure of exactly what they need! I was told by someone that it is too hot down here to grow them, but that someone forgot to mention that to the plant! This link http://www.rv-orchidworks.com/orchid...ead.php?t=5334 is the thread on how people feed. My regimen is the third listed. Maybe it can help. I do alot of growing "outside". I say outside, but where I am at I can have a screenhouse instead of a greenhouse. Luckily I can grow a quite diverse collection where I am at because it doesn't get overly hot in the summer, and it is not bitterely cold in the winter. I am sure the other Aaron will be able to help you more because I don't really know all that much about restripia. But if I can help in any way by all means let me know,and I will do my best to help.