No other forum I use charges its members to post ads of any kind;
You are not being charged to post ads of any kind here. You are simply not allowed to post ads of any kind here. If you wish to post ads, you may use the orchidBids site or post on one of the other forums to which you belong that allows those types of messages.

no other forum has moderators who remove information from their members' posts
Actually, they do. All the time, in fact, if and when the information posted does not comply with the terms and conditions set forth for that forum. Information is edited from posts; posts themselves are removed; entire threads, deleted.

No other forum I've seen has ads stuck inbetween posts
You should visit more forums. Not only are ads stuck in between posts, they're slathered against the sides, the top, and the bottom of every page you can possibly visit. The ad placement here is tame by comparison.

Personally, I'd rather pay a subscription fee rather than have my posts edited because their content conflicts with the moderators' commerical interests.
We don't charge a subscription fee, so that option is not available to you here. I expect members to respect the commercial nature of this site, and not post conflicting content which advertises other commercial ventures. I.E., I expect you to edit yourself, something that 99% of the members here have absolutely no problem doing while still managing to say everything they need to say. People who simply cannot help themselves, who feel compelled to post advertising content here that conflicts with my commercial interests, will, yes, have those threads and posts of theirs edited or removed.

I will not post here again.
A shame, because the few messages I did read of yours before today showed an individual with a keen mind who had much to offer. However, life goes on....

The purpose of this trading post forum is to allow members who have listed items for sale on the orchid-Bids site to gain a little extra advertising and search engine spidering for themselves. No posts detailing items wanted, for sale, for trade, or for "free" which have not been listed on the orchid-Bids site are allowed in this forum or any other forum on this board for any reason.

Finally, for anyone who does not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions here, as set forth through the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of every OrchidTalk forum page: DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.