When the time comes I'm thinking that perhaps I will need more light for this area especially if I place the Phals on a new lower shelf (like the one above it now) and acquire Orchids with greater light needs for the upper shelf.

Notice the bracket on the wall in the first pic. (Not mounted yet this is a photoshopped image) Its a TV wall mounting bracket. I will adapt it to use as a bracket to hang a T5 fixture from. Also this is a vaulted ceiling so I will move it higher on the wall should I do this.

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This is how I envision putting this together. I would use adjustable grow light rope hangers instead of the chain I showed here.

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The mounting bracket will extend from 1 ˝" to 14" from the wall so I can easily center the light over this 12" shelf.

This will "dress up" having a light in this area that my wife will like. (I think, hope)


The light has 2 -24W T5 Fluorescent Bulbs - 2700K and I'm asking you if this is sufficient to supplement the existing daylight for say Cats?


PS There is also a rather large humidifier on the floor that you can't see that has 3 fan speeds to provide air circulation to these shelves.

PSS As this journey unfolds I may ask you for a referral to a good marriage counselor. hehehe