firstly, i was at a club meeting one night and a member had relenquished her entire collection to the society to do with what they wished. They decided to auction them off. I got a big box for free, being the youngest rocks, but halfway through the auction, 2 small dend. cuthburtsonii in bloom-1 each, only worth 3-4 dollars each, ended up going for 37.50 for the both of them. And secondly, i was at the Manawatu OS show and i went to cymbidium a vendor, who was selling large grade cymbidiums only with a few pbulbs.
Price? 40.00 each! i tried to weasel the price down and got to 24.50 and the old crone said no further so i said what a rip and bought a lovely masd. hybrid for 5.00