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Happy Birthday Smartie2000

This is a discussion on Happy Birthday Smartie2000 within the The Outback Terrace Bar forums, part of the Land Plants category; happy birthday!...

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    happy birthday!

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    Thanks for the kind words guys!
    My birthday was great. It overlapped the Chinese new year celebrations as well.
    My mom got me a set of four chinese watercolor paintings (scrolls) that deplicts flowers and birds in the four seasons. It now covers a wall that used to have fluorescent lighting and orchids. I guess I can't use that wall anymore for orchids if I run out of space

    My birthday was definitely orchid filled. I went to my first Alberta orchid society meeting. It was great meeting other local growers and I also met someone that was active on forums too. I got to borrow Cribb's book "The Genus Paphiopedium" (It's so thick!) I signed up to volunteer this coming friday morning to help the AOS judges. This is exciting, I get to view the judging for the show.

    I also got a Blc. (Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah) ‘Lake View’ from the society raffle! Yay! It is so fragrant, and it kept releasing its sweet nectary scent on the bus home too!
    Then I bought my first masdevallia, a nicely sized bonplandii without knowing how tolerant it is of heat/low humidty, but at a very excellent price from a elderly lady. It turns out it is a cooler growing masd. so I am setting up a vivarium for it, cooled down with a ice pack. I hope this is the right way to do the cooling. And I bought a Dendrobium loddigesii seedling.

    Here's a picture of the raffle win Blc. (Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah) ‘Lake View’ at night.

    And some picture of what is blooming in my room that night (not the greatest photo). I slipped the plastic pots into asian ceramic ones to display with the bonsai trees. I am very happy about the Dend Nalene Bui. I finally managed to bloom a dend after so many years of weedy growth and then accidentally killing the dends. What I did differently was that I potted it in a ceramic pot and put the pot on the windowsill such that it touches the window and the ceramic pot helps conduct the winter chill to the plant, sounds so simple I should have got it before. The Paph ((Virgina Moffett x Osiris) x Joanne’s Wine) x Magic Water is the spotted one (its dorsal is slowly rising. I would do a close up of this one if my camera was better) and Paph Maudiae ‘Los Osos’ AM/AOS x Red Pepper is the dark one (not its best bloom, it didn't open right but last years pic is posted somewhere. I think it got dehydrated by accident).

    The next morning there was some sunshine at last in this cloudy winter, so I took more pictures to see if sunlight give better pics

    I put the catt on the TV to load my pics to my computer and my cockatiel jumps on it!

    I think the label should read Blc. Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah ‘Lake View’ instead of Blc. (Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah) ‘Lake View’ though because I have a feeling it isn't a mericlone. We have a Blc. Goldenzelle x Blc. Oh Susannah ‘Lakeview’ on page 81 of our "Orchid Through Our Eyes" photography book. I wonder how does it differ from my plant.

    I have concerns though because the second bloom on the plant is a little wierd. It has darker pink/purple bloches on the petals if you look carefully at the pics and the the colour on the lip on that bloom has less yellow on the left side. (In the group pic, this bloom is pointed directly at the camera.) All the leaves are in perfect condition.
    What causes this colouration? Please let it be pest damage. Should I start a new thread for this concern?

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    Great b-day recap, Fren! The Cribb book is awesome, but remember what a control freak Cribb is. He classifies a number of Paphs stubbornly, which are challenged by other noted Paph taxonomists. The Orchid Digest Koopowitz article works best with Cribb's book to give a balanced view of Paphs.

    Note that Cribb's second edition is already dated, with all the recent discoveries made since 1996. Yet, it is an amazing book!

    I did ask Sam Tsui, a top Paph breeder, about some of the species culture Cribb lists. Sam scoffed and said, "those guys that write the books know nothing about growing Paphs!"


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    Happy Birthday, Fren! A belated one!
    The orchids look great!
    Cheers. Hoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartie2000
    I think the label should read Blc. Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah ‘Lake View’ instead of Blc. (Goldenzell x Oh Suzannah) ‘Lake View’ though because I have a feeling it isn't a mericlone. We have a Blc. Goldenzelle x Blc. Oh Susannah ‘Lakeview’ on page 81 of our "Orchid Through Our Eyes" photography book. I wonder how does it differ from my plant.
    The photo in the book is much pinker than your photo here Fren. Your blooms appear purple blueish on my screen.


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