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If I wanted to get a small humidifier for the room I'm growing my phals in, would I want a cool or warm mist humidifier?
Also, what would I use to measure the humidity in said room?
It's the same room where just about all my other plants are too so I don't want to make it too humid.
I'm using just a box fan in there now, tilted towards the ceiling for air circulation. And I keep my house fairly cool. So I'm just not sure whether I need warm moisture or cool?
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It depends on if you're growing in a room that's part of your house or in a room that's designed for growing plants. Unless you have a an enclosed environment, the humidity he will affect your structure, (walls, floor, ceiling, anything in the room, etc.) If you're growing in a Florida room or a room that's intended for growing plants, you needn't worry. I tried both the warm and cool type humidifiers many years ago and had the "residue" problem. I think because of what you're attempting to do, the person that said to consult a specialist was right. (I grow in a mini greenhouse in my kitchen - it's a self-contained environment, totally enclosed with fans that runs 24/7, humidifier pads that I soaked down twice a day keeping my R.H. about 60% - this is completely unadvisable for you, probably because of the size of your collection, but works for me)