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Phal Lava Glow

This is a discussion on Phal Lava Glow within the Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, & Intergenerics IN BLOOM forums, part of the Orchid Photography category; Nice color on this little guy....BTW, has anyone ever heard that mealy bugs were drawn ...

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    momokev's Avatar
    momokev is offline Senior Member
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    Jun 2004
    Mooresville, NC

    Default Phal Lava Glow

    Nice color on this little guy....BTW, has anyone ever heard that mealy bugs were drawn to certain colored flowers? This one had them at the time of purchase, but it was one of my first orchids and I'd never even heard of mealies. The seller told me the mealies were drawn to this color and made out like there was no way around it. No problems with them since so I felt like she was pulling my leg and never went back to her GH. But to give her the benefit of the doubt, I thought I'd ask, since she attends the same orchid society as I do.

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    Piper's Avatar
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    Dec 2004


    Don't know about mealies and their color preferences (but if true, they certainly have good taste!), but insects do have UV photoreceptors that we lack. Flowers appear VERY different under UV light and often highlight their 'paths to pollination'. (I'm struggling to come up with some kinky human equivalent, but think maybe it's best left unsaid...)

    I wouldn't discount that your plant may stand out to a mealie under light conditions it can perceive that we can't.

    It's kind of cool to view your plants under UV light. I've never done it myself. (Haven't had a black light since the 60's!), but have seen it demonstrated.


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    Heather is offline Banned
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    May 2004


    Wow! Great color Lisa! If I was a mealie, I'd sure be attracted! Mine have not been so descriminatory, though I have found they much prefer my paphs to my phrags.
    I wonder if this was outdoors, if you'd get a hummingbird or two. I got some on my Sharry Baby last summer.
    Thanks for sharing, Lisa, this is a real lovely!

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    Cinderella is offline Senior Member
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    Jun 2004
    Louisville, KY


    Very pretty color, Lisa. I had mealies on a Magenta colored Phal before.

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    Gilda is offline "Master of the Moth and Phrags "
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    On a Windowsill.
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    May 2004
    East TN
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    LOL Lisa....can I sell you some ocean front real estate in Arizona ? '
    That vendor was making excuses...mealies love all phals, most all orchids...and I would say if you looked close at her other orchids..not just phals you would find more mealies. Shame on her for using that excuse !!

    BTW, Lava Glow is beautiful....Earth Star is another one that is 'glowy'....

    keep an eye out for those mealies and treat again in 10 days or so at least 3 times.

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    Jmoney's Avatar
    Jmoney is offline Senior Member
    My Grow Area
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    paphs, phrags, catts, vandas
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    May 2004
    West Hartford, CT
    Member's Country Flag


    nice color on that one...not sure if mealies are drawn to color, but they definitely seem drawn to certain plants, whether it's genetics, weak health, or having gained a foothold, or some combination.

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    Tanya's Avatar
    Tanya is offline Senior Member
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    Loventana Lo
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    Outside 24/7.
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    Too many to mention
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    Aug 2004
    Hong Kong
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    I like the bright color. I was trying to find a seedling of this one but couldn't find any. I will try again in spring during the bigger flower show.

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