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I dont think this picture is Iwanagara Apple Blossom.......Can anyone else concur?
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I have seen many colour variations of Apple Blossom but none with the petals curled back but I would still hesitate to say that this is not an Iwanagaara Apple Blosssom. I like the colour of this bloom.

I would have to agree. I do not believe this to be an Iwanagarra -- the flower shape is all wrong. The lip & other petals, in addition to be recurved are too wide and frilly.This looks more like one of the Mari's Song hybrids. One of the parents in Iwanagara is Dialaelia. This imparts to the offspring a flatter, more star-shaped flower.

I do not have a pic of a typical Iwanagara handy so here is a link to a pic of one.