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Ooh! Yeah, Aneta, I do see some equestris in it, now that you mention it. The bottom two sepals on yours are larger than mine in relation to the petals, and I think the lip on mine seems to jut downward more, whereas yours goes forward. By the way..I want to apologize for hijacking your thread here...I realized a couple of days after I posted my pics that I had committed an internet faux pas. Thanks for being so sweet about it, and for offering your suggestions on my little guy's parentage as well.

It's so teeny I ended up putting it in one of my bathrooms. It was just going completely unnoticed with all the other full-sized phals around. I figured the toilet makes a great humidity tray!

No bother Jenn

I think bathroom is a good place to keep orchids. If I only had a window in my bathroom I would surely put some of my Phals there