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And what do you think of the 'alba' form that he stated??? This guy couldn't possibly know his orchids if he didn't realize that 'alba' means WHITE!!!
Oh drat...Maura, my original reply included a bunch more information and a link too...I must have accidentally broken one of the forum rules and my stuff got deleted. I had a link to a flower that was a cornu-cervi/violacea cross that looked very much like Yuk Weng's flower, hence why I thought it might actually be a Valentinii. I've also been looking into doing some phal crosses myself... (pipe dream...) and as I was trying to figure out which species plants to use as breeders, I realized that a lot of crosses that have one alba parent don't come out with the "alba" trait highly visible in the progeny. Often the "alba" parent will pass on its form, but not the white color. Possibly it's a recessive trait?

I will often see an "alba" hybrid when both alba parents are used, however. So, my original statement was based on the thought that the cornu-cervi "alba" had passed on some of its form traits, but not much of the "alba," except for the white tips on the petals, perhaps. Of course, there's going to be a great amount of variation in seed crosses, so those white tips could be from almost anything...but because I'd seen a couple of Valentiniis that looked pretty similar to this one, I thought it was a reasonable possibility that the cornu-cervi "alba" could have been involved, just not prominently visible in the offspring.

Of course, as always when it comes to these types of things, we're all just guessing anyway, right? How is it that we can put a man on the moon but not a proper tag on a flower? :P