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wish you had a flower close up picture. The flower does not look like a Phal

Unfortunately I don't have. I actually just saw it from mom's FB account and was too intrigued to pass. I have to ask her where she's got it.

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Wow! Look at those big, fat, beautiful roots! Crazy!
yeap... fat fat roots.

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i don;t think i've ever seen anything like it????? love it though! not a phal, maybe a relative, but totally unusual.

imagine; she mentioned she had another type with different color. I can't wait for it to flower. haizzzzz

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I agree the flower nor the leaves look like a Phal. A close-up of the flower would help us to, at least tell you the Genus, or the name of the plant.
Good luck, The flowers are very pretty.

the flower is sure such a sight to behold..

WOW! there you go. thanks for the ID.