Connie just keep it in the shade of your porch, spray it with some water every morning and probably afternoon if the day is very sunny, it would not get root rot because of the mount, sometime just dunk the whole thing in water let the wood soak and then leave it hung up to dry out, if the day is cool just spray it on the morning, I have mine hung outside where it gets rain, sun on mornings and fresh air the whole day and night, I moved it from getting too much sun as the flowers would lose their color but I have some others now with flower spikes that should be blooming in about two weeks or so. We have been having some strange weather here the last few weeks, we are supposed to be in the rainy season now but we have been getting some blistering sun some days then suddenly rain and then sun again but I do believe the plants are enjoying it all. we had an earthquake last night about ten thirty and it was strong 6.4 on the scale but up until now we have had no reports of damage, thank God, but a stronger one is expected and so we are praying that does not happen either because they are also talking about a tsunami.