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This is what is otherwise known as an intergeneric odontoglossum type plant. Most of them now seem to be called Oncidiums, but not this one. The cross is Rhynchostele bictoniense - long time growers of this group will know it as an odontoglossum , x Cyrtochilum edwardii - which also was an odontoglossum before a lot of revisions in the genus in past years.
However, this parentage is a nonsense. I have grown both parents, some of them several times , i.e. different clones, and at least the bictoniense one was very familar - on every orchid nursery ( in UK) list and every show bench - and it is starry, narrow petals, and no more than say 3, 4 or at most 5 cm across. The other parent , edwardii, is also starry, narrow petals, and again, maybe 3 or 4 cm across. And here we have a well filled out, broad petalled flower, and here we have flowers measuring - on my plant 8.3cm wide and 9.3cm high. Any hybridist will say - impossible.
And yes, my plant is normal it seems - since the flower is identical to the one shown as the awarded plant in Orchidwiz, ands slightly ( only a few mm) larger than that.
I had a spike of 13 flowers, but the dreaded thrips took all but 4 or 5 buds - which I why I am not showing the whole spike. Thrips ( a black bodied very small species this time) , has been a problem with us here in the South of UK for the last couple of years, and I have only in the last months recognised it for what it is, and started to deal with it. But in my greenhouse it takes two bottles of an insecticide to spray everything, and more to do soil drenches of everything; ( and 45 glue traps to do the lot ) - I am spending far more on insecticide than on everything else ! Still it has to be done, and I've got it down from an epidemic to an occasional problem,. although I guess it will go on recurring from time to time, especially - if as one of the big nurseries says - it is now a problem in some farming areas, and can blow in with the wind !