When I first got my greenhouse I was never never going to use pesticides. Well, after the first winter of, THE BATTLE, They won and I lost. I decided, I was going every day faithfully and personally plucking them from my plants was not the way to go. By spring I had nothing but twigs and a good assortment of major bugs. I went on the warpath.

I sprayed specific 'bug juice' every day. Mild enough for my Koi to take and my finches too but not for those bugs.I got them good. I have outbreaks every once in a while but for the most part I git em at the first spotting of them. Every morning when I walk through I look where there was a problem. Certain bugs like certain plants. You learn where to look. I have these spray bottles of bug juice placed stratically all over the greenhouse.

Very funny thing about these bugs.Now that I do dart frogs in my vivarium, I have to culture 'wingless fruit flies'. I about died when they told me I had to grow my own food. I have a good system. I grow them in my kitchen and put them in my viv. They don't escape into the greenhouse.It works well but so contredictory for me.

The hubby seems to put up with the containers of lil bugs on the kitchen counter just fine. Although, it's a far cry from what I put up with him for all these years. LOL Barb


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