Hey all,

So I'm converting my 30 (tall) aquarium into a wardian case for my mounties. They never seem to stay moist enough in my shadehouse without totally overdoing it... So far I have a pretty much empty tank with a heavy wire mesh backdrop to hook plants onto. I was mucho inspired by sue's posted link to the viv site, but my tank doesn't have front loading capabilities so I fear to permanently mount plants inside it. I set up a thermo/hygrometer inside the tank also. With the lights and the ventilation im attempting to keep up, the humidity tends to vary alot. Thus I have installed a mist maker into the setup, on a timer so it comes on for ten mins, every other forty. Since these are mounted plants, is air circulation as important as per potted plants? It seems like the root sytems would respond better than if they were in a pot ( but what do I know?) Also, the mist maker makes a really fine, dry ice type fog, What would happen If I made a resevoir of diluted ferts in the bottom of the tank? Would the mist carry the ferts to the plants? would it be weighed down? And also, to ventilate the tank, I'm having to leave the top open as I cant find a fan small enough to move air without blowing away my mist, Could I use an aquarium air pump? Someone help me!
Maybe I should install a trickle system like sue's link showed, would mounties be less prone to rot if kept constantly moist?