I should have mentioned this before but forgot to post: the "Who's Online" function has been disabled to give members more privacy when they're logged on. Besides listing the logged-in members (unless they had chosen to be hidden), the function also listed what they were doing--which posts they were reading or responding to, who they were sending PMs to, whose PMs they were reading, that kind of thing. It allowed "spying" to a certain degree, and I don't think that's necessary.

If you want to see the names of people who are on the boards (again, unless they've chosen to be hidden, in which case you can't...), there's a name list at the bottom of the main index page you can check out, plus, a little green light will show up next to the names of anyone online when you're reading their posts. If they're not online or they've chosen to be in hidden mode, their name will not show up on the index page list, and the little light next to their posts will remain blue-grey. If the index page says that 10 members are online but you only see 7 names, 3 of those members are browsing in hidden mode.

If you want to keep people from seeing your online status completely, click USER CP, then click "Edit Options" in the left-hand control panel. At the very top of the screen that comes up, check the box next to "Use Invisible Mode," then scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button.