If you have a website, web page, or frequent other discussion sites, you might give this a try:

Click on this link to access the referrals section of the OrchidTalk FAQs. At the top of the new window, inside the paragraph on "Referrals," you'll see a link that will contain your unique OrchidTalk forum ID. Just copy and paste that link into your web page or the custom signature panel that gets appended to your messages. Whenever someone clicks on your link to visit OrchidTalk and they register, you'll automatically be credited with the referral, and you'll be one step closer to winning the free RVO orchid plant for that month!

If you do this on other discussion boards, first be sure that such links are allowed, and please don't compromise your good standing on other orchid forums. Many of you are members of discussion groups completely unrelated to orchids, and putting your link there won't be viewed as a conflict of interest, and will even help generate curiosity and potential newcomers to the hobby.

So this is an easy way to promote OrchidTalk and get the referral credit without having to "act like a salesman." Go ahead and give it a shot!