If you are a mobile internet user, you know how tiresome it is to type in long URLs into your phone's internet browser. Today, I read about a new technology that allows mobile users to quickly share text, links, phone numbers, messages, etc with others almost instantly. The really cool part is that the code block can be on line, on a tee-shirt, a sticker, really anywhere.

What I am describing is called QR of 'Quick Response' code. This is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) that allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. See the Wikipedia QR Code Article. This basically takes the real world and allows it to be 'hard' linked to the internet world. Sometimes it is called 'Physical World Hyperlinks' because businesses often display a code square on their store window or in magazine advertisements, etc..

But the coolest part of this technology, at least from my perspective, is that it allows people to quickly visit web pages without having to type in URLS into the tiny browser on the phone. Firefox has a browser addon that quickly creates a code block for any page you visit using your regular computer. Once the block is displayed, simply point your phone's camera at the block and it will scan it and 'read' the image instantly.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about it, just take a look at the above link or do a search. AND if you are a mobile user, now you have a code block to use to access OrchidTalk or share with your friends.

Here it is:
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