I would like to introduce a new feature for our community. It is called the "Likes" button. This new link can be found in every post on the site but is not visible unless you move your mouse pointer over the posts. People who use Facebook will be familiar with this feature. It allows you to 'like' a post or photo or thread you find informative, funny, spot-on, etc...

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This 'Like' feature is not connected to any social network other than our own internal network here in OrchidTalk. No link is posted anywhere off the site. I know that several times I want to click the Facebook Like button on different posts here in the forum, but I worry that I am driving my friends crazy with all the Facebook likes that get posted in their news feeds from me each day. Now, I can click the Facebook like for posts I want to share on Facebook, or I can just give feedback to the member here in OrchidTalk by clicking the Like link on the post that I really appreciate.

Next to the like link, I have added a share link as well (as seen in the photo above). Sometimes there are threads or posts that just need to be shared with other social networking sites. Before today, I originally programmed these social network links to appear at the bottom of each post as little icons just under the signature line of every post. This was fine as the images were cached (saved) in the browser so they did not have to be downloaded each time a new page was clicked. However, by removing them and placing them in a hover window, now they are only loaded when called by the member wanting to share the post. This not only removes several extra links that must send calls out to other webpages each time a page loads, but it means that members who don't want to share threads and posts with other social networking sites, don't have to load the images at all.

Well, if you made it this far in reading this post, I thank you. I will include some more images to help get people acquainted with the new icons and links.

This first photo shows the likes count for a particular thread. Find this icon at the top of every page with a like.

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Clicking on this icon will expand it and give a list of every post that was liked and who liked what.

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Finally, in your member profile page, you can see a detailed list of all the posts you like and the posts of yours that have been liked. Clicking on the links shown in the photo below will expand a new tab on your profile page with a list of threads you liked and list of people who liked your content.

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Any questions, please respond to this thread. (oh, one more thing... you cannot 'like' your own post, so don't expect the like link to show up in your posting.)