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River Valley Orchidworks - OrchidTalk Forum is an orchid discussion board run by people who simply love orchids. However, like everything, there are costs associated with operating this forum.


"Bringing People Together to Grow Orchids Better!" Spend any time here at OrchidTalk and you will see that this community is focused on our mission. Our members come from all over the planet and from all walks of life. We cherish the new members and the long time members and offer our help and concern equally to all. We are truly a community that celebrates the wonders of growing orchids and the connections we make with others that share in our passion.

Unlike many online forums, OrchidTalk is different and has been from the start. We are a community focused on the growing and care of orchids. Though the members here come from diverse backgrounds, every single one of us are here to help educate others and ourselves about growing and caring for our orchids. You will not find any flame wars here. No member here will embarrass or harass any other member - WE ARE NOT THAT KIND OF PLACE. Instead, we embrace the diversity of our membership and encourage individuality and connections between people. Simply put, OrchidTalk is a place where our members and visitors are all welcome - no matter their skill level- to participate fully in the discussions and educational opportunities this community provides.


RVO's OrchidTalk was funded from late 2003 through November 2005 by River Valley Orchidworks, INC., a commercial venture. That business has ceased operation and since that time, the OrchidTalk forum has been funded for the most part by its owners, Louis and Bruce. As our community has grown, costs associated with running it have also increased. Our current cost per month is 449.00 (US) for our dedicated server. This amounts to over five thousand three-hundred dollars per year. Eighty to ninety percent of that total cost comes out of the pocket of Louis and Bruce. The other ten to twenty percent is raised through the donations of our members and the google advertisements visitors click when visiting the website. It is our hope that the members here will want to help cover more of the costs of operating this community.

You can help keep the forum on-line by becoming a "Friend of RVO". Read on for details:

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  • PayPal - If you have a credit card or PayPal account, the easiest way to make a supporting donation is by clicking the button above and sending your contribution online.
  • Money Order/ Personal Check - You can also send a money order by mail. The address is listed on the Donations page of our site. Money orders should be in US dollars, and if you are sending from a country other than the US, you will need to send an international money order.

For all contributions, please be sure to include your forum username if you have one, so we will know who you are.


Donations of all kinds are welcome, no matter how small [or how large]. Every bit counts and it all adds up to helping keep OrchidTalk in operation.


Contributions / Donations will be used for the following:
  • Continuing payment of dedicated server fees, bandwidth charges, etc.
  • Purchase of forum software licenses, upgrades & renewals
  • Purchase of S.E.O. software licenses & renewals


Helping support the OrchidTalk forum by giving any amount is helping keep this community online and continue our mission. OrchidTalk is a free service for any visitor on the web. Your gift ensures that we are here to help every beginner and experienced grower alike share information and encouragement about growing and caring for these mysterious orchid plants that have captured our imagination. Your gift to this community ensures that OrchidTalk is here when needed and kept up to date with the latest and best information available for our members and guest. It also ensures we can continue to provide this service on a secure, high speed dedicated server for every person's benefit around the planet . So while helping support this community your gift helps strengthen our mission of Bringing People Together to Grow Orchids Better! Below are some special incentives to acknowledge your generous support.

  • For a minimum donation of $20.00, you will have a special user profile graphic added to your member name under your avatar in every post acknowledging your contribution!*

  • For a donation of $50.00, you will have a special user profile graphic added to your member name under your avatar in every post acknowledging your contribution! You will also have an increase in your PM storage space - (300 messages^), you gain the ability to Deny Private Message Read Receipt Request, you can send multiple people Private messages from a single message, and use Signature Pictures!


If you feel that you have something else you can contribute, please feel free to contact us.

If I want to do more than a one-time donation, is there an option for a low-cost monthly subscription?

Sure! There are currently three subscription levels available to members of the OrchidTalk Community. To learn more about becoming a subscriber, please visit your UserCP and click on Paid Subscriptions. (or click here)

Donations are not required for membership.

OrchidTalk was designed to be free for everyone. Because not everyone has the financial recourses to donate, donations are not required for membership or the use of this site. All of the features of OrchidTalk that have been available will remain available to our members from around the globe. The enhanced features we offer to donating members are our way of saying "Thanks for the help!".

To show your support and make a donation now, please click here!


*To keep donations current, donation benefits are given for three months from the date of contribution. If you donate again before the three month period has expired, your new three months' worth of benefits will begin from the date of latest contribution. Benefits do not accrue beyond three months.

^This feature becomes available for contributions submitted after April 15, 2007. 50.00 donations will have an additional 200 messages.
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