How to Repot a Phalaenopsis Orchid

Repotting a Phalaneopsis Orchid  – Video Demonstration

Below, check out our step by step video demonstration on how to repot your phal (moth) orchid.  Most phal orchids you get from the big box stores are being grown in sphag moss.  This is fine for the nurseries because it retains water and is light-weight and easy to ship.  However, for the home grower, sphag can cause serious problems including root rot.  Growers who grow in the home often enjoy watering their orchids.  Watering an orchid growing in spag before it has almost dried out, can keep your orchid roots from being able to breath.  Orchid roots, especially the phal or moth orchid,  like to have air movement around the roots to allow gas exchange.  RVO recommends growing your phal orchid in a medium and large bark mixture.  The mix you will see in our video below uses the following ingredients:

  • large coconut husks (soaked and rinsed to remove any salts)
  • medium red wood bark (rinsed)
  • charcoal chucks (small)
  • Perlight or Sponge Rock (small)
  • and in the bottom of the pot – we use non-biodegradable packing peanuts

The bark mixture is mixed and soaked for a couple of days.  We changed the water a few times during the soaking process to remove any salts that may be present in the coconut husks.  Once we were ready to repot, we filled the bark mixture with fresh water again and this time, we only use the medium that actually floats to the top of the bucket.  Anything that is water-logged and sinks to the bottom will end up rotting quickly and should be avoided as it holds too much water.

Once our bark mixture is ready, we need to remove the phal from its original grow pot.  The phal in the video was being grown in a white, four inch plastic pot.  We submerged the pot in a bucket of water to get the medium in the pot as well as the roots very wet and pliable.  (Let your pot and roots soak for 10 minutes)  Once ten minutes had passed, we removed the pot from the orchid’s root mass and began the repotting demonstration.

If you have questions about our process, please contact us in the OrchidTalk Orchid Forum.  We are happy to share our insights and answer any questions you have for us.  Remember, the OrchidTalk Orchid Forum hosts members from all over the planet.  So, no matter what time of the day or night and no matter what country you are from, you can get help with your orchids in our community.  We hope you enjoy this video.


Bruce & Louis of RVO

How to repot your Phal Orchid by River Valley Orchidworks

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