Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Growers Information


1000 – 1500

With their low light requirements and fleshy leaves, care should be taken not to expose these orchids to full sun. Grow in an east-facing window where any direct sunlight can be diffused.


70 – 85 degrees F. daytime, 62 – 66 degrees F. night..


55 – 70 % relative humidity is ideal.


Phalaenopsis or “Moth” orchids because of the flowers’ resemblance to moths with outstretched wings, are often sold as “beginner” orchids because of their low light requirements. They are, however, prone to crown rot and the low light they need keeps any excess water in their pots from evaporating quickly. Care should be taken not to overwater these, as root rot will cause the leaves to become “mushy,” sag, and droop. It is best to water the plants in the morning so that any water on the leaves and especially in the crown has a chance to dry before nightfall. Blooms erupt on long sprays in mature plants and can last up to three months, sometimes even longer.

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