Phragmipedium Orchid Care

Growers Information


2000 – 3000 footcandles

These “new world” slipper orchids require nearly as much light as Cattleyas. Any direct sun must only be given very early in the morning.


70 – 90 degrees
F. daytime, 64 – 68 degrees F. night.


50 – 70 % relative humidity is ideal.


Phrags, hard to come by as little as ten years ago and once considered “difficult,” have now become much more common with advances in propagating techniques and their prices have dropped accordingly. With the light requirements of Cattleyas but the water requirements of their ladyslipper cousins, Phragmipediums are not for the novice grower. Do not let the roots dry between waterings. These are warm-growing terrestrials but still require good air movement. Flowers are often uniquely shaped and stunning on mature plants.

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