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2500 – 4000 footcandles for Strap-Leafed varieties (“V”-shaped leaves), full sun a minimum of 4 hours / day for Terete-Leafed varieties (pencil-shaped leaves).

Because of their high light requirements and large size, Vandas need to be grown in a “sunroom,” greenhouse, or outdoors year around if weather conditions permit.


70 – 90 degrees
F. daytime, 62 – 66 degrees F. night.


50 – 70 % relative humidity is ideal.


Vandas can often grow to twenty or more feet in height. Mature plants will produce spikes at various intervals throughout the year, allowing them to be in bloom year around. Roots are formed and grow all along the length of the main stem; this makes keeping Vandas “potted” somewhat of an exercise in futility. They are usually anchored in slatted, wooden baskets and hung. Watering them means spraying down the entire length of the stalk, and since the majority of their roots are aerial and dry off quickly, they need to be watered daily during the late spring and summer months for them to thrive. Mature plants that have been well cared for can form clusters of blooms each the size of saucers. These “specimen” plants make stunning centerpieces in growing areas that are large and bright enough to accommodate them. Up-potting is accomplished by inserting the plant’s smaller basket inside a larger one and carefully spreading the roots between the new slats, but at some point, the roots simply “take over” and are allowed to hang down or are wrapped up and around themselves as they grow. Roots can quite often reach double the length of the actual plant.

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