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I don't think you would dislike this one ; but I have to admit that when I checked up on the cross - via Orchidwiz, and looked at the pictures of various examples( I like to put the parents on the label, too) the thought in my mind was "is this really a Mini Purple ?"
But the dealers label was plain so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.
Nothing wrong with your plant.
Cattleya Mini Purple's parents are C. pumila and C. walkeriana.
Your plant looks similar to C. walkeriana, except the lip shape is a mix in between both species.
If you search the web for C. walkeriana var. coerulea you will find plenty of similarities to your plant.
Analysing your plant I would say, the lip is exactly what a hybridiser has in mind when he crosses C. pumila with C. walkeriana. The beautiful blue veins on a broad lip that hasn't the boring shape and coloration of C. pumila and hasn't the strange looking shape of C. walkeriana.
Otherwise specially the petals could be larger. Considering that the coerulea clones of both species have never really large petals your plant isn't bad at all.

I like it and would be happy to have it in my collection.