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I think they are just showing through. Whether they are inside or outside, or both, depends on how many layers of cells there are, and whether all layers are the same - like in Disa uniflora, the flowers all appear red, except for the yellow ones which actually have the outer ( dark red) layer of cells missing - the yellow is there all the time, but normally hidden.
The spots come from one of the Latouriua section - maybe rhodostictum, and that is the same - darer spotted on the front, a bit lighter on the back - just like here.
Thanks Geoff for the explanation.

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Roy Tokunaga is from D. johnsoniae x D. atroviolaceum both Latouria types. The spots come from atroviolaceum which are darker on the outside than the inside so they are probably showing through to the inside. I have this one but it isn't yet in bloom.
Thanks Karin for the info.