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  • Pot Bonnets for Semi-Hydro Orchid Containers

    Tired of trying to scrape up escaping balls of clay when an s/h pot tips over? How about a bonnet for your pot?

    First, we'll need some supplies: nylon netting, some elastic or rubber bands, string or twist ties, and a plant in an s/h pot for our test victim.

    If you sew, measure the top circumference of your pot, add half an inch to that total, cut a strip of nylon netting about 5 inches wide and as long as your measurement and sew a 1/4 inch seam to join the short ends together.

    If you don't sew, cut a 5 or 6 inch wide strip of nylon netting that is long enough to wrap around your pot twice.

    Wrap the netting around the top of the pot, or slip the pot into your netting tube. Secure the bottom of the netting around the top of your pot with elastic or a rubber band.

    Gather the top of the netting around the base of your plant and secure with twist ties or string. Something removable so you can check your plant for new growth every week or two. Hook and loop tape works very well.

    So far, this has helped me.

    You can also 'fit' this type of bonnet to odd shaped containers.

    You may have to use elastic around the container instead of rubber bands, but with a little innovation, it will work!

    Remember, nylon netting comes in many different colors. You can match the color of netting to the color of the blossom so you know at a glance what color the plant will bloom.

    Read more about Semi- Hydro Orchid Growing at the RVO OrchidTalk Orchid Forums.
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