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  • orchids in the subfamily Cypripedioideae (Slipper Orchids)

    Thought some might find some slipper information interesting.

    The subfamily Cypripedioideae consist of five genera

    1. Cypripedium - which are found across much of North America, as well as in parts of Europe and Asia.

    2. Paphiopedilums - These are found in the tropical rainforests southeast Asia extending into China

    3. Phragmipedium, - Are located in Central and Northern South America

    4. Mexipedium - Containing a single species, Mexipedium xerophyticum, which is endemic to Mexico.

    5. Selenipedium - there are 6 species accepted. I believe all are from South America.

    The flower structure of "slipper Orchids" vary from other orchids in that the labellum (lip) is modified into a pouch-like structure. This pouch traps bugs, which then have to crawl out past the anthers and this leads to fertilization. (there are two separate anthers in cypripedioids, unlike other genera which only have one anther).

    Cypripedioids lateral sepals are totally or partially fused and called the Synsepal. The uppermost sepal is called the Dorsal Sepal.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: orchids in the subfamily Cypripedioideae (Slipper Orchids) started by Ron-NY View original post
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