I took cells from a back bulb of catt walkeriana var tipo 'cambara' which is a rather expensive catt walkeriana. I used a sterile syringe and needle and extracted some liquid from the bulb after i insterted the needle and added some water and a bit of fertilizer to keep vigor up while in the syringe. I spread the liquid/cells over a motherflask and motherflask medium but heard from others that the cells most likely will not grow. I also spread one flask of den anosmum seeds and a flask of den udom sri. I pollinated the best den udom sri flower with its own pollen to ensure larger, fuller, thicker substance flowers and essentially I self pollinated it which is not always the best method but hope that cross turns out well. I would like feedback on the cell samples I spread though and what you all think about that decision. I may not have done the best thing in that case but I do not have any stems or even new growths I can afford to cut up just yet from a $500-1000$ orchid. I do have very good success thus far with growing Cattleya Walkeriana var tipo 'cambara' & 'estrela da colina' in pots of aliflor in my orchid terrarium. They do seem to love very hot, humid and rather dry (low watering) conditions but grow best in normal orchid pots with aliflor/Semi Hydro used as the main medium as the roots get more oxygen and less water that way. I do hope that some of the cells do grow and the odd part about the whole process is now that the cells are under a flourescent light in the flasking case, the liquid I spread over the medium seems to have expanded somewhat since yesterday. I will keep checking and continue to cross my fingers but I guess from here it is just a waiting game.