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This is a discussion on Humidity within the General Information forums, part of the Frequently Asked Questions category; Ok, one more and then I'll quit for the day. I'm on my way to ...

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    Default Humidity

    Ok, one more and then I'll quit for the day. I'm on my way to an unnamed gigantic evil superstore to buy a humidifier for my orchids. Is there any difference between humidifiers besides how much water they go through? What I mean the little humidifiers compare to say the ones that look like dry ice in a bowl or the ones that look like an air conditioning unit? Is there anything I should know before I purchase. My space is fairly small (I grow my orchids in a 12 by 10 foot living room that has an 8 by 10 foot window. I want something that is smaller. What do you think?

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    I tried the traditional kind - steam generating - and they put a lot of heat out along with the humidity. Also quite expensive to run. I now have one of the 'ultrasonic' or fog type humidifiers. It is cheaper to operate, but it does put out more of the minerals that are usually eliminated by the heating process in traditional humidifiers. I solved that by using distilled water. The one I have has a built in humidity sensor, so it turns itself on and off as needed.. and has different 'speeds'. It was a rather high priced one, though. All in all, if you have the interest and money to invest in a long term humidifier, I would recommend an ultrasonic.

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    I like the Honeywell brand.

    A humidity sensor is nice. I find in the winter (when I'm running the thing) the humidity never reaches the set point I've programed (but I'm in New England and cold air is incredibly dry.) But I like that the readout shows what the humdity is (at the humidifier, anyway.) Then you know how bad things are.

    Auto-shutoff is really important, too. You don't want the thing running when there's no water left. Some of the other brands or models don't have that. If it runs out of water while running, the filter dries out and takes a beating. Then you need to resoak it, etc. etc.

    There are a number of little guys - I don't know what they're selling as...personal humidifiers? They're little desktop jobbers. Cute, but not much of a resevoir. You can set them right next to a plant, but I'd spend a bit more and get a room-sized one you can put on the floor under the plant stand and let it crank away.


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    I did use an ultrasonic with the shut off , if you use distilled or ro water the filter is not necessary . Gin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gin View Post
    I did use an ultrasonic with the shut off , if you use distilled or ro water the filter is not necessary . Gin
    But if not, GET the filter! Otherwise you will have a mess as the water evaporates on your plant leaves. You will spend all of your time cleaning the leaves and table tops, etc..


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    p 1
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    i'm glad somebody else asked this, cause i've been wondering for a few days too

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