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Dendro 'Elma Lai', why are the flower buds turning brown

This is a discussion on Dendro 'Elma Lai', why are the flower buds turning brown within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; These are my orchids. Dendro 'Elma Lai', why are the flower buds turning brown? Bulbophyllum ...

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    zero is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2006

    Default Dendro 'Elma Lai', why are the flower buds turning brown

    These are my orchids.
    Dendro 'Elma Lai', why are the flower buds turning brown?

    Bulbophyllum makoyanum, any care tips for this one?

    Dendro NOID


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    The dendrobium blasting it's buds; I would check the roots. Too often, the care given at a greenhouse, and the care given at the average store are worlds different. Once at the store, usually they are overwatered. Then when you take them home, once again they are in a new environment. The changes can cause the blasting, or bad roots can cause it. When you first bring home plants, often they need to be repotted. Your bulbo looks like the potting material has gotten very old and dark looking. This would be a good one to repot soon. And the third plant is looking very crowded, i'd repot as soon as it's done blooming, sooner if leaves begin yellowing or if these buds begin blasting too.
    There are care sheets and repotting articles that should help with each of your plants. A few quick searches of the articles should give you alot of information on your plants.

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    Halloamey's Avatar
    Halloamey is offline Senior Member
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    Amey Bhide
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    Jul 2009
    Pune, India
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    I agree with Connie. Apart from that temperature swings cause bud blasting. If the plant was exposed to a draft of chilly air, it can cause the blast. One other thing I would like to mention, is that either you are using too much fertilizer for foliar feeding, or you have very very hard water. The white mineral deposits on leaves are not good for the leaves, they can block stomata, dehydrate or burn the foliage. Using a cotton swab and some diluted (1:20) orange juice once every week wipe the leaves gently. Also use RO or distilled water.

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    Brutal_Dreamer's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
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    I agree with Amey and Connie. Sorry about the bud blast. Most likely from the look of the plant, I would guess that the buds blasted due to temp problems (be it hot air or cold air).

    The bulbo in your second photo looks as though it might need to be repotted. I cannot tell for sure, but the medium looks very wet and with the roots growing above the medium like that and the plant leaning to the side, I would venture to guess that the root structure below the bark is probably not in the best shape. I would repot with the newest growth facing the center of the pot. Remove any mushy roots, but leave the attached pseudo-bulbs even the ones that do not have leaves as they still provide nourishment to the new growth.

    Finally, your beautiful dendrobium in the last photo. I see you have is set in a plastic dish for the photo. Be sure to remove that dish so that the orchid can drain completely after watering. Dendrobiums like to completely dry out between waterings. Allowing them to sit in a dish of water will eventually kill the roots by rotting them.

    Good luck with your orchids, Zero.


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