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Yes! Maura is a star, The Paph Queen!!!!!Many alike use this forum as an outlet for multi purposes and mental stimulation or chillin and even entertainment are included even to express thoughts or to share. Certainly a few unwritten bonuses for our pycological/ mental welll being. Have found the hobby to be quite isolating and apart from my adopted mom where i live ( shes more a cut flower and vase girl) who has a small collection now herself after we united and named our local big garden center our mecca when we get the urge to spend or browse or lighten our mood.. What am i thinking..browsing ? who ever heard such garbage! she loves her moth orchids but can see shes not interested now spikes have gone, thats pretty much it so this is my outlet.

Once again Igor no problem, many of us are guilty and putting our foot in it now and again! My worst foot in the hole came when I was simply complimenting and admiring a growers blooms and all hell broke loose because my
my final ending sentence was taken as,,, (not good anyway), the sentence was purely me offering a 'heads up' with the intention of the member to be on guard/ look out and to save money/ hassle/ heartache! Me thought I was helping someone based on what i had gathered. One of the many reasons for a forum, no? I unsubscribed to the thread as one apology wasnt enough and its the little things that i find annoying. and i apologise only once .

One good thing on that last note, bearing in mind the quantity of forums out there - any errors mistakes etc seem to escalate into knife sharp battles and quite harsh at times and even worse it invites others to jump on the band wagon for their fix of 'jerry springer' style rubbish! Quite rare on here, civilised. respectful and rules are implemented to prevent school playground name calling politics fom occuring in the firstplace. Pre OT the process of forum elimination occured unintentionally and Bingo!
Hi Matt- as your tag indicates, texting has an inherent problem in that so much of our meaning in speech is conveyed in tone of voice, inflection, the eyes and facial expression... text alone lacks all this; and the informal, spoken word, or chat, can wreak havoc when written down: meaning can get distorted or lost, and misunderstanding ensues. We have to make allowance for this and always be generous and give the benefit of the doubt- but it is only human to still trip up sometimes, I guess! You are very thoughtful to have concerned yourself about our feelings (Maura and me).