Vicki, just a thought. I've found that when the roots of the keikis get around 3-4", that's a good time to pot them up. That way you don't have the problem of possible damage when you put them into a small pot. Also, they do seem to love to be with either the mother plant or a sister keiki. I just use large phal bark with charcoal and keep them in a humid environment (not hard in Florida). I have one Wedding Promenade that has two Siamese-twin keikis, still on the mother spike. One base shared by a double keiki has two 12" spikes, and more spikes are coming off each keiki individually also. The lower Siamese twin has spikes coming off everywhere. Even the keikis I took off mothers this summer and potted up alone are spiking doubles. My Dpt. DV Charmer has an attached keiki with 4" leaves and 4" roots, and it has 2 spikes. I thought keikis didn't bloom for a couple of years, but that's evidently NOT TRUE. LOL.