hi bob our climate here is in between cool temperate and mediteranean so we have cold winters down to -7 C (about 19 F) up to 37 C (about 98 F) we have usually a wet Autumn ( fall ) and a dry Winter, a wet Spring and a dryish Summer as you can guess we have a humid Autumn and Spring and winter we have a lot of fog so humidity is up then as well. This summer we are in now has been very wet and hot so the orchids are loving it. Night time temps at the moment are about 15 C (about 59 F) daytime about 30 C (about 86 F) with a good dumping of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon, every couple of days but this is unusual for us its usually hot and dry at this time of year . But hey I will take it my orchids love it. thanx for your interest. I will have to bring the warm growers in the house in Winter that will be interesting Buy the way even though we have cold winters we have a lot of frost but no snow