I've been growing Phalos in clear plastic and sphagnum for several years. Most have simple large white flowers. I live in north Florida and the Phalos are growing in pretty bright light, occassional 95 F temps, with plenty of air circulation and fair humidity. I repot when the media looses its light airy texture and/or when the roots no longer head for the media. I fertilize 1/4 to 1/2 strength every watering (about once a week or when the top is dry and pots get light wt.).

Recently I had two separate very healthy plant where the new leaf failed to open. One I ruined by trying to open the wrong side, because I didn't see the suture line. The other I got the right side (with the suture) and it opened up with a bit of coaxing. However, the suture did not go all the way into the crown and fell short by an inch so the leaf did not open fully. Both plants have thrown healthy main stem plantlets. Question: Has anyone had this problem before or have any idea what may have caused it. Two very nice plants have their shapes distorted, until the plantlet is repotted and carries on. Also another plant threw what I call a "spike leaf". The leaf looks like a 1-2 inch spike or 6 penny nail, and no further developement. The leaves before and after are so healthy and normal that I didn't notice it until I went to repot.

After moving to the cooler climate (North Florida from South Florida) I went almost two years with either continuous blooms or spike retention and moderate reblooming. This year I have lost almost all the older spikes (maybe heat or media), so I went ahead and repotted everything. New bloom spikes are starting on most of the repots.