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Paph. delenatii culture

This is a discussion on Paph. delenatii culture within the Genus Specific forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Hi all, Sorry I'm late to chime in - haven't been on much in the ...

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    Hi all,

    Sorry I'm late to chime in - haven't been on much in the last few days. Cribb's "Genus Paph, second edition" (circ. '98) speaks to the native pH of Delenatii. He writes:

    "Everyone assumed that, like its close allies, P. delenatii grew on limestone. It has in fact now been shown to grow on acidic soils on granite mountains, a habitat that has surprised slipper orchid experts."

    He goes on more about their habitat, the granite crevices are below higher pine forests. I think pine needle runoff is acidic, but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, hope it sheds some light.


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    I "grew" delanatii for maybe 10 years or more with no luck...until I changed my potting techiques. I have found that delanatiii actually grows better when I treat it the way I would treat a phrag...except that I would never let delanatii sit in water the way I let a phrag .............I grow it in a mix of fine fir bark (all other paphs get coconut chips), what passes for "sponge rock" perlite these days, NZ sphagnum, and a little charcoal. (I never add sphagnum to the mix of other paphs). Once I shifted over to this kind of culture...always avoiding lime/oyster shell, I found that delanatii was not only an easy paph to grow, but an easy paph to bloom....very easy, and very reliable. I must add, that most of the crosses from the new Vietnamese clones seem easier to grow and bloom, although some seem to be lacking in fragrance. From what I hear, some of the growers in Germany are now selecting for fragrance in their breeding....Take care, Eric Muehlbauer

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    Cool delenatii- drier than expected

    [QUOTE=Wentworth]Dear all,
    With due consideration of different growing conditions--and this is a point that cannot be dismissed easily

    --Dr. Tanaka believes that delenatii dislikes sphagnum

    --L. Birk (p. 29) writes: "It likes extra moss at the roots"

    --Cribb, Averyanov et al. write (p. 95): "Commonly plants grow in shade in mossy crevices [...] The roots of the orchids are either in contact with the rock or in thin sandy soil with very little humus and leaf litter"

    So what should we do? I would be glad to hear about your own experiments.

    I just bloomed about a dozen of mine and will simply tell you the conditions which led to this. The plants (not from the 'new' stock, but the older line-bred delenatiis) are in too-small shallow plastic pots (2.25" for 1,2 and 3-growth plants, 3.5" for 5-growth plants) and in fine bark with a little (and I do mean LITTLE) promix, and some perlite. They were acquired a year ago as mature plants. The previous owner had a history of neglecting his plants due to a busy schedule, and I have continued this 'regimen'. My plants are too dry. Especially the delenatiis in their small pots, currently in a growroom for the winter. They dry out completely or almost completely between waterings. Referring to the above quoted sources, if you read the quotes carefully, Cribb et al imply the plant has very little substrate and this might imply drier conditions than assumed. This would explain a dislike for sphagnum which would be wetter. Note that I have two previous delenatiis, kept wetter, never hardy, only one flowering over the past ten years. Night temps in the grow room run into the mid-to-low 50'sF and day temps in the 70's and 80's. I use MI formula fertilizer but haven't fertilized for three months.

    I did take a 'group pic of nine of them which I have posted on my page at:


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