Hello, I've a miltonia (don't have the tag in front of me- can't remember the name) that I've had since spring. It came to me with 8- EIGHT!- spikes in bloom. Love it.

I've got it under lights with my phals and paphs, humidity about 50-60% repotted early this summer - it has 7 new growths with pretty little roots. I just noticed a leaf on one of the mature growths has turned yellow. My bunny munched it's tip months ago, hence the cut edge, but this is not a recent injury.

Not sure what's going on. And please overlook the leaf pleating- I'm a new grower struggling with the term "evenly moist"

This last one is a pic of the roots of the mature growth that is giving me issues next to the new roots on the new growth from it. The older roots are brown, but firm and plump....