Hi all! I will be attending an orchid sale this weekend in SF, CA. This will be my first real chance to restart my collection and I was hoping that I could get a few recommendations. First off, I am new to this area of the country and my condo isn't the perfect layout for the plants. (I should have realized this while shopping for the place, but living in a hotel was grating my nerves.) The plants will be set up on metro shelving with in a north window under four t-12s. We have no a/c. It doesn't get hot enough in midsummer to be uncomfortable indoors, but I am going to rule out any absolute cool growers. On the plus side, the temperature variance btw night and day here in Sonoma County averages 30 degrees in summer and 20 degrees or so in winter. Humidity isn't very good during the day in summer as it rarely rains but at night we usually see fog. Humidity I think I can sort out. I was thinking of using a basin under the plants with a bubbler during the day.
SO, after reading hours on end, I am still a bit apprehensive about laying out too much money (although it is for a good cause-me having plants again and AIDS relief). I am thinking that I will go for phals, paph maudiae, and oncids. I am very familiar with both the phals and oncids and have done well with them in the past. I just love paphs. Never had one. I also love brassovolas but would be worried about the light. Any of you more experienced growers have any input? It would be much appreciated.