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Inherited unknown orchid; care and advice?

This is a discussion on Inherited unknown orchid; care and advice? within the New Growers: Ask the Senior Members forums, part of the New Growers category; Firstly, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, and secondly, ...

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    Default Inherited unknown orchid; care and advice?

    Firstly, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, and secondly, I have read the FAQs and general advice, but I'm looking for specific help with this plant (as in, where on it to cut, etc).

    I recently received this plant from a friend who decided they didn't want to take it with them when moving. I have no experience with plants, but you've got to start somewhere, right? When it first arrived, one stalk was blooming, and since then those blooms have died, another branch bloomed and eventually did the same, and now there is another offshoot of new flowers. It also had two yellow leaves which fell off not long after arriving.

    It used to be kept on a windowsill in another room, next to the window where outside was around -10C average, it wasn't until recently that someone mentioned it could be bad for it/that might be why it wasn't thriving, so I moved it into a smaller room where we keep all the computers, so it's much warmer. I also stopped watering it so often (yep, made that mistake too, of course), and put it in a dish of water that could evaporate up around it (it is in a pot without holes, so it isn't sitting in the water itself).

    Reading up and looking at it now, it seems there are a few things I need to do for it if I want it to thrive, assuming it isn't too late. The first is repotting-it is in a solid ceramic pot, and apparently they need holes for the roots to breathe? Also, it's a bad idea to do it when it's about to flower/in flower? Secondly, the soil-I don't think it is of the right kind, you'd have to see the photos. Thirdly, and what started all this reading-it apparently needs cutting back, but even reading around I am clueless. It looks like the best idea would be to trim the side that isn't flowering right back to almost the stem of the plant, since I doubt it will grow/flower anymore on this offshoot. But again, advice from others would be great, I've never done this before.

    Here are some photos, with the majority tagged due to size:

    The whole plant

    The pot it's in:

    The roots. You can see where I trimmed one or two that had brown parts back to the green part (will this damage the plant?):

    And again:

    Close up of one leaf, that's yellowing and wrinkled. I am hoping this won't get worse now I know not to water it so much? And the roots issue probably affects this?

    The other leaves:

    Leaves and roots:

    And the flowering offshoot/s:

    Also, I didn't have a camera at the time, so I drew a bad sketch of what the flowers looked like: White, with yellow insides and pink/purple streaks.

    So, is there hope yet for this orchid? Or is it basically on it's way out?

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    I think your Phalenopsis would benefit from repotting. If you don't know how there are tutorials that will help you on the forum. It would also be good for you to cut the other bloom spike down at least halfway. I can't answer all your questions but you will find all the answers you need on this site. It is phenomenal!

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