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  • 3 Post By Raja202b
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My Phal appears to have had some shock-Leaves, flowers, and roots

This is a discussion on My Phal appears to have had some shock-Leaves, flowers, and roots within the New Growers: Ask the Senior Members forums, part of the New Growers category; Hello, I am new to orchids. I have a phal and it is very new ...

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    Feb 2016

    Default My Phal appears to have had some shock-Leaves, flowers, and roots

    Hello, I am new to orchids. I have a phal and it is very new to my apartment. When I first got it, my friend unknowingly placed it near the heat vent and the flowers died(no surprise). The leaves also started to get brown spots and in some places, yellow leaves. I moved it out of the direct flow of air and closer to a north window with closed blinds. The orchid packaging suggested 3 icecubes per week, which I took to mean 1 icecube every other day. After some research, I realized that was wrong. I also noticed that the pot the flower was in had no drainage, so I drained it after watering properly. I bought a water soluble 20-14-13 orchid food and watered it yesterday, wetting the mixture until it drained from the bottom. I plan on watering once per week with the orchid feed. Today some leaves have fallen off. Also, some of the roots look grey and wrinkly. How do I save the plant?
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    Hello Kelka,
    Good day to you

    01. No icecubes and NO Cold/fridge water please. ( You realized and good that stop feeding icecubes )
    02. If there is no flowers, cut of the flower spike all the way bottom ( plant need recovery at this stage )
    03. Remove the ceramic/clay pot , seems like no air circulation to roots. ( they need air circulation )
    04. Plastic pot there is one drainage at the bottom, Just to make a long thin vertical cut's ( 1 to 2 cm) for air circulation.
    05. Check there is no rotten smell inside the bark. if so you need to remove the media
    06. Do not place in the same pot, outside pot is blocking the air circulation to the root system.
    07. No direct sunlight
    08. If you can get moisture tray , place the pot on it
    09. Water once a wk, And make sure the water is not staying in the pot.
    10. Place the moss layer on top ( this will maintain the moisture to the plant).

    you can save this orchid ...


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    I would agree with Raja!

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    Jul 2012


    Don't give up on this plant! I remember my mom was losing one and she was going to throw it away. My heart would not allow it! Imagine my surprise when it finally started to show some new growth! With persistence and patience you can save it.

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