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Hi Clint,
You mean like this?
Al, that link doesn't work. Use the Square Yellow Icon with the Mountain. See this post for details on how to post the photo and link it to the forum.

The size restriction of uploaded attachments is necessary because of the huge amount of bandwidth photos take up on the server. We keep all threads active and do not remove content. If we had unlimited funds and did not have to pay for 95% of the cost out of our own pocket, we could allow larger photos. For more information, visit the support page or the subscriptions page.

The best way I have found for clear photos to be uploaded within the allowed limits is to resize images to 72 DPI and then to 700x700. I actually use 550 x XXX (the 550 being the largest side of the image). This produces an approximately 5x7 sized photo for me. I also like to use the .gif format instead of .jpg.

Good luck!