i live in Mississippi...my orchids are in a eastern and a shaded southern window. its in the 80s (warm/hot)...orchid are grown indoors with temp range of 65-70. humidity inside is less than outside.

i recently purchased some orchids and repotted them in better-gro orchix mix (bark, fir bark, perlite and charcoal mixture. i picked out a lot of the fir bark). they are in clear plastic pots and i drilled several smalls holes on the side of the pots, an 1inch above the bottom to improve air circulation.

anywho, some of the orchids were orginally in sphag moss...and others were in a soft bark and growing white mold on top of the media (possibly due to gift packaged in plastic wrap with no air circulation around the pot). i immediately cleaned them up...stem, leaves and roots...and left from unpotted several hours. most of the roots look good...i cut off a couple of rotted/dead ones in the middle of the plant and treated with fungicide, insectide, spider mite combo solution that i bought from the store. i let the fungicide dry and potted them up.

btw, i didnt soak the bark beforehand...oops!

my questions...

1. are there any tips on the transition from sphag to bark?
i lightly watered some of the orchids after repotting since the roots were white/gray.
...the others i didnt water since there roots are still green.

bark drys quicker than the sphag, and i notice that the roots i can see are white in 3-4 days. and the ones in the middle are slightly damp (not wet) when i stick on finger in.
when in sphag they are green for a long time due to sphag holding water longer.

2. should i water or hold off on watering?

ive read that holding off on watering will simulated root growth but the transition scares me...

3. did/does the transition shock the orchid even more since the media was changed after repotting?

i dont lose those nice roots! but i dont know how to grow orchids in sphag and how to water sphag...

3. should i water lightly (rather than soaking) when the roots get white and the middle is damp...or should i wait til the middle of the plant is dry too?

i dont want to overwater them...since one orchid i purchase 6mos ago was in good condition...until i repotted 2 weeks ago and its going down hill. i think it might have been too high humidity in our home since our a/c wasnt working, my family was sick and we had a humidifier going 24/7 for about 2 wks before i repotted that orchid...and it was potted and then repotted in fresh miracle grow - bark mixture is smaller...half roots lost. i watered every 7-10 days. so i repotted it once again with the new stuff...thats why i got larger bark this time to provide better air to the roots and holes drilled on side of pots. hope that orchid gets better...

but i decided to buy new orchids...and i want them to be happy! =D

enough of my rambling...any tips and advice please.