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Phal With Too Much Water. Has Pictures.

This is a discussion on Phal With Too Much Water. Has Pictures. within the Phalaenopsis ('moth orchid') Information forums, part of the Frequently Asked Questions category; I have had this particular Phalaenopsis since November, and it has been thriving. I live ...

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    californiaxmas is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2013

    Exclamation Phal With Too Much Water. Has Pictures.

    I have had this particular Phalaenopsis since November, and it has been thriving. I live in the southeastern region of the United States on the beach, and it is really humid down here so I think the orchids really enjoy the climate. I also keep the house at about 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit. I water it sparingly and sometimes display it in a terrarium that is potted separately from the other plants, but mostly leave it by itself. I also leave it by the window in direct sunlight because I live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees and shade.

    When I bought it from the nursery it was originally planted in a small plastic container in moss. Last week I believe I over watered it, unfortunately. Some of the bottom leaves have turned yellow and fallen off and just about all of the flowers have come off as well.

    I took it out of the plastic container to let the moss dry out and placed it alone in a terra cotta pot. Since it's health seems to continue to diminish, I removed the moss and put it in a bowl by itself to dry out (which you can see in the background of the pictures).

    So my question is this: Should I re pot the plant or leave it to it's own devices and spray it occasionally? Also, do you think I need to cut off any of the roots?

    Any input or criticism is greatly appreciated. I'm a younger grower and really care about all of my plants.
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    cakedaddy's Avatar
    cakedaddy is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008
    Florida Panhandle


    If it were mine, I would put repot into a bark mix and include a little sphagnum. Leave it in a place with a bit less light and care for it normally until you see new growth...then give it more light. I dont know about how others deal with a change in potting mix, but if a plant of mine isn't obviously suffering, I change in stages. Yours doesn't look so bad off. I'd most likely keep the roots unless there are any dark squishy spots.
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    californiaxmas is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2013


    Thank you for your help and concern! I will do what you directed as soon as possible. What exactly does the sphagnum do for the orchid?

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    kiwiorchids's Avatar
    kiwiorchids is offline Plant Nut
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    Jordan Healey
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    Jul 2010
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    Nothing really, except act as a medium, and to keep the plant evenly moist. Personally, i think sphagnum keeps them TOO moist is a death wish to phallies, at least in this country. I see others elsewhere have had great success with it! I mainly use it on Pleurothallid Alliance and Oncidium Alliance with good success.

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