Archon, Casmira's newest citizen, has modelled the virtual world's first orchid bloom by hand! Using Caligari's TrueSpace, a very reasonably priced 3D modelling package, Archon not only created Casmira's first orchid, he also modelled his own cabin, perched atop a hill overlooking both Casmira's Gate Station and the Uhr Valley building area. (He has himself quite a nice view, especially when the Casmira Browser's visibility is set to 200 meters.)

Archon is an advanced modeller, but you don't need any kind of special software to build your own space in Casmira: the world comes with thousands of pre-built objects you can put together like LEGO to construct your own online home in 3D.

If you haven't checked Casmira out yet, you should. Download the Browser and explore; chat with citizens and visitors, all live, and in 3D.

To get to Archon's place, fly above the gate station and hang a left. His cabin, cave, and lookout tower (atop of which the orchids rest) can be found on the highest hill.

Awesome job, Archon.