Hi all!

I just had a question I thought I would pose - I didn't find an answer by searching through past postings....

I have lots of 'chids in S&H - phals, oncids, catts, little bit of everything - in S&H, and they're all doing swimmingly, except that when it starts to get warmer and sunnier outside, I'm getting algae growth in the reservoir and its just kinda nasty.

SO, I bought some Physan 20 since everyone seems to love that stuff - I know to use it in *very* dilute concentrations....can I just pour it through the S&H media? or do I actually have to de-pot the orchids and "sterlize" the media with the Physan? I was hoping I could just pour it through, they are starting to throw new leaves... Will it be harmful if the Physan water sits in the reservoir?

Let me know what you think :-)

Thanks for your help!
~Becky :-)