I have been displeased with how difficult it was for members to author articles in our Orchid Article Library. So, I started looking for software that I could purchase that would integrate more completely with our forum. A little over a week ago, I found it. And tonight I have finally finished porting over our member articles.

This new system is as easy to use as making a post in the forum. It looks the same and in fact uses the same editors. It was expensive, but I think in the end it will be worth it because we will be able to catalog important information in a very user friendly way. I have not set up all the interior blocks yet, but it is functioning and ready for submissions. I will leave in place the old article system for the time being until I can 301 direct all of the links inside it to the new articles.

This means that I have some other updates to do across the board. I will be releasing updates to the OrchidTalk Toolbar to include the changed links found in the new article system. Expect that release sometime later this week or early next week.

I will update the RSS feeder for those of you who subscribe to the rss feeds from the Library. I will also update the auto poster that posts a new thread when an article is submitted within the library.

I plan to code a block that will play a random list of articles on the lobby page. I think this will be fairly easy to do since the new article system comes with a block for its index page. I just have to look at the code.

The threads where links go to the original article system need to be identified so that they can be edited with the correct URL of articles. If you are viewing the forum and find a thread that contains a link to the original article system, please post a link here in this thread so that I can get a master list. I will do a mass update so that we will not have dead links within our pages.

With the new article system comes some new features. For the subscribing members, you will find some advanced features just for you as well. The new system allows all of our members to keep a MY FAVORITES list that is displayed for your eyes only on the main article page.

Take a look and help me identify any bugs or permission errors. I have had it working and live for about 12 hours, so it is still a baby.

Enjoy! You can take a look by clicking on the link on the lobby page or here>>> OrchidTalk Orchid Article Library